Tory.Taataa, 13, Warilla

Anonymous: serious? what are you then?


Anonymous: have you hooked up with a girl? :)


Anonymous: wait, you are maori aren't you?.... lol..

Nope, hahahahaha

Anonymous: he's maori, are you serious? hahaha.

Who is?

Anonymous: what does ofwgkta mean?

Odd future wolf gang kill them all.

Anonymous: fucking insecure little cunt try so hard to fit in and you look like an absolute fucking idiot. lollllllllllllllllllllllllll

hehehehheehe, You’d be negging because firstly i am not insecure :P, secondly describe how i am trying to fit in? kook.

Anonymous: what nationality are you?

Backflip island, what about you?

Anonymous: hello :)

Helllo :D

Anonymous: lul heeeeeeeeeeey


Anonymous: Shut up you illiterate fuck. You can't spell for shit.

I am not talking lol, You’re an imbecile.

Yin And Yang